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Torclight free at GOG
morgen lys
As it say on the tin.
The (good) Diablo clone Torchlight is now free for 24 hours,get it at without any drm.

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Thanks! I've been playing "Path of Exile" a reasonably fun Diablo II style online action game. The big virtue of the game being that it's free.

I have read about it, and I might give it a shot, when it comes out of beta. But I am generally rather skeptic on the "free to play" business plan. And I have too many games, that I bought on sale on steam or gog, that I even have not downloaded yet.

My big time waster right now is "Crusader Kings 2" backstabbing dynasty building at it finest, and with many fan mods like a Game Throne mod .

They seem to be making enough with their "microtransactions" model. I've been playing since february and they have patches every week or so... which means they are still working on it. I haven't needed to spend any money on it, which is convenient.

But it's also mostly just mindless hack and slash. Which is kind of all I want from my gaming these days.

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