lakrids (lakrids404) wrote,

My farvorite game Crusader Kings 2 is on sale steam

If you like strategy games with a personal touch. You can't go wrong with this game.

You are playing as the head of a dynasty. And your goal such is expand your family prestige and power. To that you have a range of tools for that including marriage, military, and good old cloak and dagger. Most of your problems are internal from vassals, but if you are not in good term with the Holy Roman Empire and the pope dislike you, then suddenly you whole realm can be in danger.

But mostly it is the family who gives most problems, as every computer generated entities has their own individual traits, that you have take inconsideration. For example after crushing an rebellion, I gave away some of the confiscated counts away to my nearest family, one of them my brother. Who was a pretty average guy and very important not ambitious, what I didn't had calculated with, was that his wife was a genius and ambitious, so after some years was she building a powerful coalition around her husband. I got her first to back down, after getting proof, of her being in assassination plot against me.

the developer has made short commercials building, over the seven deadly sins, and rather funny

Get it here

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