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lakrids404's Journal

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Noise to signal

Is there anybody out there?

I will invitee you to read the creation, of my first post on my very own lj. A historical moment in time, whose consequences will echo through time and space, not.

Ok see me instead do outlandish and horrible things to the English language, so no kids please.
I hope can ease the fear, from the heart of defender of the English language. With that the reason I got the lj-account, was to stop giving anonymous strange and inappropriate comments in others lj. Instead when I give strange and inappropriate comment, can you, and yes I mean you, return the favour.

Except for that do I not think, that I will use lj very much. My life will interest no one, and I don’t know, if I can write long and interesting essays in English. But We are not hopeful in that regard.
We will see what will happens

My god, it’s is full of stars..

Signal to noise

By the way I have written some fanfic
And yes I am appropriately sorry